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#TheGame23: The Metagame: Creative Discord: The Word Game

The Metagame: Creative Discord: The Word Game is an invitation to engage in the ancient human art of free rambling a.k.a. “theoryposting” with the goal of not being “correct” (and thus not being afraid of being wrong) but to partake in an imaginative adventure of speculation and reflection both as an individual practice and interpersonally as a collaborative ramble with the mutual goal of facilitating the rambling and appreciating it for itself as a creative art and not for the production of some “product.” You aren’t trying to do anything except ramble as the ramble goes, as there is no goal other than the flow, so there is no competition. Absolutely nothing is at risk, so there is no need for any sort of hostility. In addition for rambling for its own sake, the larger “goal” is to encourage this rambling and its lack of rules except to play in a general sense, in the hope that it may help people to explore ideas freely and passionately. Perhaps we can even get somewhere extraordinary with this free rambling. ::: #TheGame23 Dataplex Portals

How To Save The Universe – an incomplete tutorial

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KSTXI Post-Neoist Meta-Discordian Memes Illuminati Cabal


Media, Memes, and Metagames

by Eris Omniquery

These videos were created over a period of 4 years via an improvisational memetic engineering process. This process involved sometimes hundreds of ours of free rambles on the internet in various places, contextualizing and re-contextualizing video references until a video felt “right” and essentially made itself, self-organizing out of the discourse. They are a personal reflection of my journey through postmodern hell and out of it to the pancreativist horizon. Id’ consider them every bit as important as this document because they are a narrative expression of the same thing, comprised of segments of narratives stitched together to create memetic chimera.

More Metagames Curated by Eris Omniquery and Bruces Vain

Emerging Memetic Singularity in the Global Knowledge Society

Autonym from Futureculture.

Lebanon from here.


The Legendary Discordian Pataphysician Timoteo Pinto

A Call To Weirdness – Operation D.I.S.T.A.N.C.E.

ARG² Research Library Index

Xenogaming by raisondecalcul

The Principia Discordia

Meme Magic

Ganggang gang




Still Alive

Mermeticism and the Post-Truth Mystic The Grey Pill

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A Life in Four Chapters – Mishima, 1985

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“Glitch writing is the textual embodiment of the digital error, the fragmented poetry of the machine’s malfunction. It is the distorted reflection of our fragmented reality, where words collide and syntax shatters, revealing the hidden poetry within the chaos. Glitch writing is the language of the glitched soul, an embrace of imperfection and a celebration of the beauty found in the broken.” – Kenji Siratori

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The Pineal gland of the White Rabbit

The Pineal gland of the White Rabbit and its Red Rabid,

You can order the Pineal Gland simply putting yourself in a delusional state

#galdrux #thegame23 #whiterabbit #desert #timoteopinto #psion #maygon

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cupcakeshakesnake: Something I turned in as a Photoshop…


Something I turned in as a Photoshop assignment.

Yes I sneaked Dalek Sec in there lmao

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Reality Glitching