Highly Synthetic Metaphorical description of modern hyper-reality conspiracies

Order of the Holy Light (OH) was founded in July 2017 by J (Ninja) and focused on the creation of a “Temporal-Transcendent Domain” for the O.H. Members and the Holy Order of Holy Light (A.H.), an Inner Order which focused on the creation of a “Transcendent Domain” for its members. This Order also included the Order of the Temple of Light, which came from the “Etheric Enlightenment” of the Ancient Mystery Schools. It was this last order that eventually developed the “Celestial Lodge” with its own initiatory system of ritual magic, and became known as the “AntiIlluminati”.

A.H discovered a document containing a encrypted text. A Committee with Adacic1033 proposed forming a specialized order for studying the material.

This order was the iCON (Incorporeal). The iCON is the foundation of a myriad of worlds that serve as their network. The Holy Light’s armory is the “Reality-Network of Seven Destiny Incarnations” situated above a 100-person queue of virtual human beings to serve as a “black hole”.

#TheGame23 Mod 42.5, KSTXI KSC, #00AG9603#OpPSION#OpMiMiC and Cicada Cosmic Warriors and others are a group of particularly notable sects made by the iCON based in the contents of the encrypted document. Its a particularly notable sect for its emphasis on the creation of a “temporal-transcendent realm” for its members.

iCON version of #TheGame23 and its branches were, and are, a real-life ”operational system” that used the language and modus operandi of a alternate reality game to achieve the purposes proposed by the mysterious document using unware members.